What is mATM machine and how does it work?

What is mATM machine and how does it work?

An mATM machine (Micro ATM Machine) is used by retailers of HalliPay to enhance their business to banking services and earn good profits.

As they serve the needs of people living in tier 3 cities with less digital advancement, where people have to travel to different cities for basic banking services.

HalliPay provides free micro ATM machine for local shop owners or anyone who wants to start their own business (Read till the end to know how). Where they can provide services that a typical ATM machine provides with some minor change and ease.

Why Conventional ATM’s Can’t Reach More & More People?

The Indian government has been facing some serious problems with placing ATMs in every part of India.

India has the least number of ATMs among the BRICS nations.(Emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa)

This is because of expenses for software equipment upgrades and regular maintenance.

To setup an ATM machine, it takes upto 2 sq-ft of floor space and is about 4 feet in length , it’s also a big task for banks to hold space and capital for the same.

How Can mATM’s Solve These Problems?

With the help of “Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna”, the percentage of card holders in India has been raised from 53% to 80%.

Now, people in tier 3 cities have a card but not an ATM nearby.

This whole procedure can be solved through mATM. People living in less digitally advanced cities can withdraw cash without spending extra bucks to find an ATM or bank.

They can just visit the nearest retail stores with their card and the shop owner with a HalliPay micro ATM machine will enter the amount they want and later asks them to enter their pin.

The retail owner will then provide them with the desired amount and after getting the money, they likewise get a text showing them related to the present transaction.

MATM is used majorly for debit card transaction and they earn commission on it.

Issues tackled by mATM:

  1. An option in contrast to ATM’s, since less in the country.
  2. The minimum distance to travel from rural to cities is 17 km. So, it is much easier to navigate the local stores.

How will HalliPay mATM benefit retailers?

  • Attract more customers to your shop
  • Lighter and smaller device
  • Easy to understand
  • Highest commissions on every transaction
  • Instant settlement


The vision of HalliPay has always been to reach every corner of India. With that said, HalliPay is providing a free mATM machine to all the on-boarding customers, who complete 800 transactions with 1000+ amount in 6 months. Soon, we are adding the feature of POS through which one can withdraw cash from Credit card itself in the same machine with a nominal charge rather than commission.

To start your own Mini banking service. Call us to the number below.

+91 7892186561

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