How to start customer service point and earn upto 1 Lakh a Month?

You can bring in great earning opportunities by opening a customer service point for the banks, where numerous significant tasks of banks are easily handled. You can make a decent choice of self-employment by opening a CSP center.

Let us momentarily understand what customer service point is? And the role of a CSP service provider.

What is Customer Service Point?

The rules of reserve banks opening for CSPs have bought a decent earning opportunity for many. Essential banking services such as account opening, cash deposit, cash withdrawal and many other banking services are provided at these centers.

These centers are made with the goal of reducing the overcrowding in the bank. An increase in government schemes and subsidies has made customers reach banks on a regular basis. To reduce this, banks open their mini-branches as customer service points and give good commissions to the CSP service provider.

What is the Work of CSP Provider?

Customers can visit the CSP point AND open an account, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, IMPS/money transfer, social security transfer and AEPS/ATM transactions. Not just this, CSPs can also provide FD and RD, Aadhar seeding and loan A/c deposit in mini branch.

Including Side Hustles with CSPs

CSP provider can likewise include other services with their banking services.

For example, a CSP provider can set up a Xerox machine in the CSP center, so that customers don’t have to go around searching an Xerox shop for prints.

Best CSP Business Correspondent:

After nailing it in AEPS, HalliPay has now made a foray into the financial inclusion sector with India’s largest banks.

  1. Bank of India
  2. Bank of Baroda
  3. SBI (State Bank of India)
  4. Punjab National Bank

Advantage of Becoming CSP Retail Partner with HalliPay:

  1. Trusted source of income from nationalized banks and add smart commissions to your earnings.
  2. High Number of Walk In Customers.
  3. Our professionals are always ready to help and give essential guidance once a customer is ready to proceed with CSP application.
  4. Get your application directly accepted from AGM.

Eligibility & Equipment:

  1. You should have passed intermediate. (10+2)
  2. You should have space for opening a CSP center.
  3. No Unpaid Loans.
  4. You should have a printer (epson PLQ 22CS)
  5. You should have a laptop or system.
  6. You should have a character / Police verification certificate.


If you are searching for a trustworthy business opportunity with low investment, it isn’t just lucrative yet, it also gives a rewarding experience.

While simultaneously presenting you to the country’s largest banking systems.

HalliPay CSP can be your best approach in 2022

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